A Zero Day

Once in awhile, its nice to just be Mom for a day!

Sounds cliché, I know, we all enjoy motherhood and think20160313_142226.jpg it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us and frankly, you wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise! We hold these thoughts everyday of our lives, even when we are washing our 18th load of laundry or in the middle of an important meeting at work or at a parent-teacher conference to discuss why our little one licks the desk, or even when we are away on a much deserved “adult” weekend with daddy! Even though we as mom’s always feel this way without a shadow of a doubt we are often so busy, working cleaning, organizing, chauffeuring and trying to survive that we do not take the time to truly relish in the joys of motherhood! Sure, as we kiss them goodnight and say bedtime prayers we take in those moments and they renew our strength and bond, but if we are honest with ourselves, sometime during the hour it takes you to wrangle the Lil booger to bed you weren’t thinking how precious motherhood is, but whether or not you think you could stay awake long enough for that much needed glass of wine you had promised yourself if this nocturnal beast would ever go to sleep!!!

Today though, I was blessed with an entire day of motherhood bliss! Hikers call it a “Zero Day,” a day they come off the trail, eat a hot meal and relax to truly enjoy their surroundings and refocus on their journey ahead. That is exactly what I did with my son today. It all started with record breaking temperatures for late February here in the Appalachian Mountains and an article I had read about children, especially those with focus and hyperactivity issues, needing to simply play outside more often. So, I took that 70 degree forecast as a sign from above that we needed a mommy/son-play outside all day- kind of day! I didn’t go into the office, I let him miss school (yes I said it, he’s only in kindergarten) and we spent the day in the sunshine! We walked our dog around the lake and discovered she is quite the swimmer! We dug in the dirt and talked about different kinds of trees and the seasons. We identified signs of Spring and read numbers on the road signs and played spelling games as we laughed and sang at the park and for the first time in a long time I felt like an honest to-goodness, “good” mom! I felt so good, I even came home and made a homemade dinner, with dessert!

Today, I didn’t allow myself to feel rushed or stressed to achieve an unreal number of goals I typically set for myself in a day. I did take two brief business calls while my little man threw rocks in the lake! Otherwise, I didn’t tell him to be quiet or to stop fidgeting or running or jumping or not to get dirty; I simply enjoyed the day with him and appreciated his enthusiasm and excitement! What I achieved was more than I could have ever imagined. He and I were both immensely happy and settled and whole, and think even our lake swimming pooch would agree as she snores heavily at my feet!

When considering how I spend my time, I often spend weekends when we are home and not otherwise obligated, to accomplishing tasks around the house, catching up on cleaning I can’t complete during our busy week or preparing for the upcoming week. I rarely ever just take a walk or sit and watch the kids play. Parenthood isn’t  a dream sequence, we can not just sit around leisurely every weekend, we have a home and family and businesses to run, but that is why I believe taking days like today are so important, not only to us as parents but to our children as well.   I am so thankful for our Zero Day and I hope to carve out more of those in the future!


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