Haydenisms…Cuss Words

It appears lately that Hayden has developed some curiosities with profane language!  Unfortunately, this is not his first run-in with off-limit words but now that he is learning to read, the latest incidents are particularly amusing!

As w20160410_172711e were going over his homework last week and Hayden was rattling off his site words he paused when we came to the word some.  “Momma, that is a bad word” he told me plainly.  “What do you mean some is a bad word, it is a site word, of course its not a bad word” I assured him.  Hayden proceeded to inform me that it is, in fact a cuss word, “Some-A-Bitch”.  No son, that’s not exactly it! (I could hear our middle daughter in her bedroom down the hall, rolling in the floor laughing)

 Later on that week his sister and I were sitting on the couch with him watching television when he blurts out “Momma, is asshole a bad word?”  After shooting Elle a threatening look, daring her not to laugh, at least out loud, I replied “Yes Hayden, that is a bad word, let’s not say it again.”  He responded with “can I say ass?”  “No Hayden, that is also a bad word, please do not say that again.”  I could tell this conversation was not over though because the little gears in his brain were clearly still turning.  Finally, he looked me with a serious look, “Can I say hole?”  “Yes son, hole is the only bad word you can say!”


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