Surrendering to the Insanity: A To Do List Confession


I am a To Do List Junkie….there I said it!  I have grown to have a serious love/hate relationship with my list making.  In the last year I have taken this action to new and almost obsessive lengths – I can’t stop the madness and I think I LOVE it!!

On Sunday mornings my craze begins.  I sit at our dining room table before church with my notebook, or occasionally three different notebooks, and make my lists for the upcoming week, as well as a menu plan, grocery list and family activity calendar that I am now reducing to to a Word document and posting in the kitchen so not a single member of my family can say, “You didn’t tell me I had  to __________.”  I am even color coding the family calendar!! time-management-3

I proceed to make a list of everything that needs completed for work, my basketball team, our family, this blog and personal appointments, not to mention the ever illusive home improvement list.  I occasionally divide said lists by topic, re-copy them into one big list or make daily lists with the most important tasks listed first – its madness I tell you, madness!  I know that you are reading this saying “Isn’t there an app for that?”  The answer is yes! And I use it too, just in case I do not have my trusty notebooks with me at the grocery store or in case I leave it in my office!  I really like the Any Do app with Google Play.  I use the free version and it works great for dividing my list making into topics and is super useful when things pop into my head in the middle of the night or as soon as I lay my weary head on the pillow.  I simply roll over and add whatever bright idea came to mind at 11:30 p.m. to my Any Do app!

15087618731823599681841763978666.jpgWhile some may argue that this incessant action is a sign of emerging mental illness, I point to that fact that for a large family with multiple commitments, it is the only way I have found to survive and get to all the places we need to be and accomplish all the tasks required in a week!  Occasionally, I feel a little like Edgar Allan Poe, giving in to the voices in my head and embracing the madness.  While I am far from hearing my beloved lists beckoning me from the floorboards and quoting “Nevermore” from the bedroom windows, I do try to view this list-making hysteria as a tool for relaxation and stress-relief rather than a burden.  Getting my thoughts and nagging reminders out of my head and onto an app or notebook is a huge relief for my sanity!

Happy list making to all of busy people out there!



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