Making 2018 Our Most God-Glorifying Year

pexels-photo-597331.jpegA couple weeks ago I posted about my 2018 Resolutions and being more intentional in my goals. You can check out this previous post here:

I was out of town this weekend and missed our church sermon on Sunday but was beyond pleased to get to watch it online this afternoon.  It was like a little checkpoint for my Resolutions tab, especially concerning my relationship with God and becoming the person/Christian that He wants me to be.

The theme of the sermon:  Making 2018 Your Most God-Glorifying Year!  This spoke volumes to me, since it’s what I have been praying and writing about lately…being more intentional in my relationship with God and letting that light shine in all other aspects of my life!

flowers-desk-office-vintage.jpgThe first point of the sermon, develop a personal schedule or calendar that makes more time for God (or whatever you are striving to be intentional about in this new year).  Pastor Allen made a comment that scheduling this time is “less about what I have to get done and more about who I want to become.”   This causes us to think differently about the value of our time, giving us a sense of urgency with following God’s will or allowing ourselves to realize that will.   Calendaring and scheduling time to become the person God has called me to be…right up my alley.  I may even have to go make a To-Do List about it!

You can catch the sermon here:




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