Snow Days and Legos – A Quick Organizing Project for Our Little Toy Hoarder

This week a flu scare and being quarantined to this house for a day or so actually gave way to a little organizing project in Hayden’s room! We recently cut down our daughter’s loft and Hayden-sized it to fit his room. This gave us extra, much needed, play space for him and a way to attempt to wrangle his ever-growing Lego collection.


I had the bright idea to move the thousands of Lego bricks to plastic organizational drawers a few months ago. We initially attempted to sort said bricks by color….bad idea! We aborted and just threw them all in the drawers with mini-figures and teeny tiny pieces in the top two drawers! 20180116_1837391849956972.jpg These drawers are not stylish by any means and I am sure there are nicer ways to organize this collection but for my 7 year old these drawers work like a gem! And I’m not overly mad when he “accidentally” marks on them with permanent marker. The clear plastic drawers allow him to see the contents while keeping it all contained in one place, well sorta!

I had originally wanted my husband to build Hayden a Lego station and had elaborate plans for him, BUT….it basketball season, our oldest is playing travel volleyball, Hayden is in recreational basketball and John and I both still work….the likelihood of a project like this getting completed if we wait to build something….HIGHLY UNLIKELY….scratch that, IMPOSSIBLE! SO, I  started searching around the house and found the perfect little table in my home office. Granted, it was holding my basketball files, records, playbooks, etc…but with a little switching around I unearthed the perfect sized table!!! It is a little folding black table, probably originally purchased for camping; heck, I really don’t know how it got into this house but I was thankful all the same.


I added adhesive block strips to the edge of the table to help keep the tiny pieces on the table instead of in the floor and squeezed it all under his loft perfectly! The rest of the day was spent tidying up the other storage spaces, cleaning out his storage bins and purging anything I could get away with without Hayden figuring out what I was doing! The result: a pretty nice space for him to play and utilize his Legos without them being strewn across the floor like a sadistic game of Frogger for his Dad and I while trying to carry our weary carcasses to bed at night!

Not to bad for a momma feeling like crud!!




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