5 Reasons Why My Husband is Better Than Yours!

Ok, so this is a little subjective but humor me here!  I know that every faithful wife must feel this way and that’s fine with me, I won’t argue with you!  Nevertheless, my husband, John, is amazing; and I am not touting this as a newlywed with no idea what real life looks like…nope, I’ve lived with this man for almost 10 years!  Along with all the blissful good times, we have dealt with financial struggles, the ins and outs of raising children in a blended family, career changes, and even the loss of a child.  We are battle tested and have enjoyed more than one simple season of life together without driving each other completely crazy!

When reflecting on what makes us “work” I thought of so many positive attributes that my husband possesses that compliments our family and makes him the “best”.  But, I have narrowed it down a bit to specific instances that make him a superstar in our family!  It was a difficult task, but here it goes:

5.  He Does The Dishes Regularly And Without (Much) Complaint!


I give him major credit on this one!  I HATE doing the dishes!  We are a team and I try tirelessly to keep everyone in clean underwear and socks while John is happy to clean up the kitchen after dinner and wash the dishes that are not dishwasher safe; mainly because he knows that I will just stick that stuff in the dishwasher anyway, knowing it won’t get clean! The fact is that he does not love doing the dishes either but he scrubs them every day anyway because he knows I hate it!

4.  He Rescued Both of Our Dogs. 20170523_2241071308115395.jpg Don’t worry, I’m not leaving out his tremendous fatherly qualities in respect to our actual children.  It’s just when considering which of us would bring home stray pets, I would have put money on me any day of the week; but the truth is that John is not only the father to our 3 beautiful children but HE is the one that showed up in our driveway with a pitbull in the front seat of his work vehicle telling me that “he just could not leave her behind!”  I thought he was out of his mind bringing that dog to our house, he knew I would want to keep her! What business did we have with a pitbull anyway!?!  Little did I know that she would be snoring on the couch beside me while our Yorkie dozes on the headrest above my head, both bringing tremendous joy to my life!  You see, its his unselfish compassion, even for an animal that we had no real business keeping in our house, that makes this man so special!

3.  He Can Find His Way Around A Toolbox. pexels-photo-210881.jpeg I have full faith and belief that he can fix or build absolutely anything! In fact I have an entire Pinterest board entitled “Things I Want John to Make for Me.”  The truth is, that I volunteer him to “fix” way more projects around here than he is always comfortable attempting. He doesn’t complain though, he just researches whatever scheme I have put him up to and then goes to work!  As a result, we save a ton of money by doing things ourselves and we often learn new skills to complete tasks we never thought we could complete.  He proves to himself and to our kids that with a little more effort and elbow grease, nothing is impossible!

2.  He Has Converted to a Hard Core (Girls) Basketball Fan!  Eight years ago when our youngest daughter started recreational basketball and I had the big idea that I could coach the team; John told me that “we could not coach a basketball team”.  “I had no business coaching (I was pregnant at the time) and he knew nothing about basketball!” Fast forward 8 years, and I just completed my 3rd season as the girls varsity basketball coach at our local high school and our daughter was on the junior varsity team this year.  Actually, I have coached a team of some kind EVERY year since that first one 8 years ago!  And each year John takes a bigger and bigger role with my teams.  This season he was approved by the school board as an assistant coach!  He films games, discusses defenses, endures endless conversations about player rotations and offensive movement and has decided that he will be our new strength and conditioning coach this coming season!  Not to mention the fact that he probably watches 3-6 games per week, owns a Tennessee Lady Volunteer hat, follows along with the team on Twitter and even watches games on television!  He is officially hooked!  All of this from a football and baseball guy!  I often joke that we are Team Gunter but we truly are a team, even if that means finding interest in something the other loves!

And, here is it the #1 Reason My Husband is Better Than the Rest…

1.  I Prayed For Him And God Answered!  I was tired, my life had changed dramatically, and I felt as though I had finally overcome the obstacles standing in my way and with a ton of faith, I was standing on my own two feet again!  My prayer:  “God, if you have someone planned for me, please send him; otherwise, thank you for getting me to this place in my life, my daughter and I are doing well and I do not need anyone not sent by You.”  I was introduced to John a week later!  God is so faithful!

So, there it is…the top 5 reasons why I married the most amazing man around!  And a quick reminder that its really the “little” things in life, like cheering on a girls basketball team that mean the most in a marriage and in life!  Also, keep in mind that God always hears our prayers!

What traits make your spouse the best?  pexels-photo-236287.jpeg



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