A Quick Dresser Re-Do For Our New and Improved (Slightly Smaller) Bedroom

If you have been following along you will know that we are undergoing The Great Bedroom Switch-Up 2018!  While we are not quite ready to reveal our new and improved, albeit tiny master bedroom, I can show you one piece that I convinced Husband to makeover for me and I’m thrilled with the results!!

The Mission (he had no choice but to accept it): Turn a hand-me-down dresser from my uncle into a piece of furniture worthy of our new master bedroom and without spending any money! Afterall, I needed a new rug for under the bed!!

The Good:  It is an all wood-dresser of decent quality and small scale, perfect for our new downstairs space!



The Bad:  I think the story is that this particular piece of furniture came from my grandpa.  It was a dresser used by my Uncle Dean as a child, probably in the early 70’s, complete with scratches, a thick coat of polyurethane and even a burn mark on the top (don’t ask me how that got there)! Additionally,  Husband lost his big toenail in a mishap while he and I were moving this dresser to the basement workshop! Ouch!

Public Service Announcement:  It’s best to move furniture with your shoes ON!

The Process:   I knew exactly what I had in mind and thankfully Husband and I were on the same page!  I just knew the top would sand and stain nicely but I also wanted the wooden handles removed, sanded and stained as well!  The base of the dresser was to be painted the same cream-like color as the trim in our new space!


Husband began by sanding the top of the dresser to smooth out years of wear and tear and that pesky burn mark.  He then applied multiple layers of primer to the base of the dresser, as the aged polyurethane finish caused the primer to discolor.  We initially considered sanding the entire base to remove the build-up but, after a brief discussion with the lady at the paint counter at Lowe’s, we decided to paint primer over it.  Next he painted the base and stained the top.  Then Husband sanded and stained the drawer pulls (they turned out nicer than I had imagined).  We ran into a quick hiccup when we decided to clear coat the base to protect the painted finish.  The poly-acrylic clear coat yellowed the underlying paint on the base!  Yikes, we were afraid that we would have to strip the base and start over!!  Thankfully, another consultation with the paint desk lady revealed that we could just paint back over the clear coat and fix the problem!  During this process my clothes were stacked in baskets all over the floor, this is a serious problem for someone trying to re-design a teeny tiny room!  We needed this project completed quickly.

Ta-Da:  This finished product is amazing.  I love the richness of the top and the stain color compliments beautifully with the paint on the walls!  I can’t wait  to get this room finished and share!!


 The Cost:  Other than poor Husband’s big toenail and a can of poly-acrylic that we didn’t need anyway…not a thing!! (We painted the base the same color as the trim and used a can of stain we had downstairs!)

Up Next:  Thrift shopping for a few more pieces to make the room complete!


One thought on “A Quick Dresser Re-Do For Our New and Improved (Slightly Smaller) Bedroom

  1. heartloveshome says:

    After all that hard work (and torn nail), your dresser looks great! Now you have a space to store all of your clothes again. I love the look of the white drawers with the wood on top and the wood on the handles.


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