Prayer Warrior Challenge

As a basketball coach I challenge my players to be in “Warrior Mode” every game!  To our team, that means going the extra mile, supporting your teammates more and, making additional concessions for your teammates and team culture!  Our prayer lives are really no different.

In the small country church I grew up in, my sister, who was not even old enough to drive at the time, would belt out a rendition of a 1989 song called “Prayer Warrior” by Heirloom that would bring the congregation to its knees…sometimes literally!  Every time I hear that phrase, “prayer warrior”, I think of those early days in my Christian life.  I was just a teenager in those days as well but it was in those times that I determined I wanted to be a Warrior!

I have been blessed with wonderful inspiration from friends on social media lately.  Last week a friend posted this on Facebook:


What an amazing idea!  I could hear my sister’s voice and the music and see the hands of all the mothers and church ladies around me raised high in the air and I may have even said out loud…”Amen”!

Well, I am game for a good challenge! Not that I don’t pray for my family and friends and those around me in need everyday but this a little extra…this is “Prayer Warrior Mode”!  I challenge you my friends, fellow mothers and Christians to be Prayer Warriors….praying for those in your community that God puts on your heart, believing that God changes lives!  #watchGod.

Now, get to praying! And in case you need a little inspiration…I have included the link to “Prayer Warrior” by Heirloom.  (Note, that while this is a beautiful song…it sounds slightly different to me in my memories)!


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