St. Patrick’s Day, Basketball and Axes!?!

Hello Friends!  March is here and so is March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!  While my crew stayed basically glued to the television all weekend for the historic Cinderella stories that have unfolded this season we did tear ourselves away briefly Saturday evening to celebrate my brother-in-law’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday in Charleston, West Virginia.


Several weeks ago my sister called and asked if we would visit them at their home in Charleston to celebrate Mike’s birthday and to “throw axes” with them!?!  My sister is pregnant with their second baby and they have been going through a major kitchen remodel for the last 3 months so I began to think that she may have finally lost it!  Either way, I agreed to join them for some ax throwing fun!

And boy was it fun!  In downtown Charleston, West Virginia  there is a little deli called the Lucky Dill that has made a recent addition, Axes & Ales, an ax throwing course akin to darts but WAY more entertaining than your typical pub game!  Upon arrival we received a quick lesson from the staff about how to hold and throw the “axes”, which were actually camp hatchets, and how to safely take turns without having to dodge flying weapons!  The staff was also kind enough to stay around and assist us with technique – its harder than it looks!

Husband was the Ax Throwing Champion of the evening!  I did finally get a few to stick in the wall.  Apparently, there is a regular league night like bowling for ax throwing….if that isn’t enough to make you want to be a Mountaineer I don’t know what is!!  This was definitely one of the coolest things we have ever done in Charleston!  If you are ever in the Mountain State I recommend you stop in to the Lucky Dill Deli and Axes & Ales for a lumberjack good time!!

Now, back to basketball!!


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