School Lunch Ideas

84….That is the number of school lunches I have left to pack before the school semester ends and my kiddos are home for the summer and my grocery budget has a little breathing room!  Packing lunches for 3 “kids” on a daily basis is not an easy task and thanks to new school dietary regulations my kids won’t even consider a hot lunch at school!  Even more daunting, my so-called kids are 17, 13 and 7; not all of them are eating the same thing, so the days of 3 PB&J sandwiches are long gone!

Our son hardly eats at all; he rivals Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story, even the little piggies could not get him to eat a piece of fruit or take a bite of a veggie!  So, for Hayden its a cheese sandwich or a pizza Lunchable and a mozzarella cheese stick everyday! Yes, I know that’s two cheese items but as long as he is eating something I don’t complain because he is more than happy not to eat at all!  I also include a granola bar (which he only eats on occasion) and a Carnation Instant Breakfast.  I have determined that if he refuses to eat, at least he can drink some decent stuff for his little body!  The struggle is real with this kid!

Our older girls are athletes and I try to pay special attention to pack them a lunch that allows them to properly fuel their bodies for practices and performance after the school day is complete.  We also try to ensure they are getting “good” foods and less carbs and junk.  Here is a list of the foods I pack for them:


Big Girl Lunch:

Homemade chicken salad with crackers or croissant

Spinach salad with cheese, croutons and bacon or pepperoni – I founds the cutest little dressing dispensers)

Pasta salad

Sharp cheddar cheese with cashews and cranberries or raisins (This is a substitute for the Sargento Snack Breaks – saves a ton of money)

Fresh fruit or a cup of fruit in 100% juice.

Granola bars

Sandwiches (Christina, our oldest is now our only PB&J eater!)


Yogurt and granola

Carrots and ranch dip

Homemade brownies  made with Organic Greens

I am always on the lookout to balance things they will eat with healthy and nutritious snacks that will fuel their bodies through the rest of the day!  What are your best school lunch ideas for big kids or adults??


5 thoughts on “School Lunch Ideas

  1. heartloveshome says:

    I’ve been making school lunches for my oldest who is in kindergarten. Some days she’ll have the school lunch. She isn’t really picky about her lunches. I’ll alternate between meat and peanut butter type of lunches. Some days she’ll have breakfast for lunch. I have some tips and school lunch ideas on my blog. I’m not sure how my second daughter will be for school lunches next year. I usually make her something similar at home as I made for her sister’s school lunch.

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  2. TheCraftyInsomniac says:

    I think my mum would have had similar issues when me and my sister were little as she was terribly fussy and I have issues with textures of foods!!! I can’t help with ideas, but would love your brownie recipe as I LOVE choc brownies!!!


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