Backyard Plans 2018

With a blog name like “A Backyard Life” one would think I post often about my backyard but that’s not always the case.  In fact, I have been neglecting it all together this season.  The winter chill has been relentless this so-called spring and I have not had the desire to forge into cleaning out and planting in our outdoor space only to have frost, wind or snow kill plants, blow things away and freeze me to death in the process.  Also, I am diligently trying to keep our basketball program’s spring training group motivated and spending MUCH more time in the gym and weight room than ever before!



Hopefully though a break is coming this week!  While it is the end of April and normally I would have flowers blooming by now, I hope to get started planting and landscaping so that we can relax and enjoy the space!

A few projects on deck for this spring/summer:

Clean Out – I swear our yard gets every bit as cluttered as our tiny house!  The constant wind and rain hasn’t helped keep things tidy either, blowing in trash from all directions!  Part of our clutter problem is also that like our house, we are OUT OF SPACE; the outdoor buildings are full, the storage bins are full and our back porch is littered with things that have no where else to go….it is the perfect time to purge and get rid of some junk!

Flower Bed Building and Maintenance – This is really just an annual task to maintain the existing flower and shrub beds and I have vowed to myself to plant new annuals each year! I also use this time to fill planters with perennials.  I can’t help but think of and feel a connection with my grandmother when planting flowers.  She loved her flower beds and gardens and loved sharing this with me!  One day, when we no longer have kids running through the yard and need green space I will fill the ENTIRE yard with flowers and shrubs!  One Day!

Front Porch and Curb Appeal – I confess that we do not spend much time in our front yard; it isn’t private at all as its close to the road, and we do not enjoy the space.  I do however at least try to keep it tidy as this is the spot where most guests enter our home. The biggest eye sore is our front porch; the concrete is deteriorating and it generally looks like a mess!  I purchased a cute plastic outdoor rug in an attempt to hide it last summer but I am afraid we are going to have to buckle down and fix it already!  Our plan to remedy this situation inexpensively is to deck over it….we will see how that goes! Since I am not skilled at decking a porch on my own and am at Husband’s will on this one, I’ll keep planting flowers on the porch to distract from it until we get to that project!

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Area – Now this one is our favorite and I anticipate we will tackle this little project first!   We have a small patio in the imprint of an old single car driveway that we have filled in with pavers.  Last year we purchased and installed a grill canopy for our grill/smoker.  This year a Blackstone Griddle is on my Husband’s wish list and we are in need of a new dining table.  I want to make the small space more efficient; we try to cook outdoors as much as possible in the summer months!!

A Clothesline – I have been hinting to Husband about this one for MANY years now, hopefully this year will be the one!  I love the smell of line-dried laundry and it conserves energy too!  Our poor dryer could use the break!


What are your favorite outdoor projects?  I have a Pinterest Board full of ideas!  (Backyard and Garden).  We have a little sunshine trying to peek through today….I can’t wait to get started!



13 thoughts on “Backyard Plans 2018

  1. TheCraftyInsomniac says:

    I used to love going into our back garden until I became disabled, I used to just go out and read etc. Unfortunately I can’t really get out and about in our garden any more and despite mum wanting to redo parts of it and whilst doing it she wants to make it more accessible, my dad is flat refusing to change anything. As with the house he just doesn’t want to listen!!! I do miss going into the garden, I’ve never been a good gardener (in fact I’m probably the opposite, so much so that at one time mum had banned me from helping her!!) but I do just love being in the quiet garden sat reading in the shade. I hope you post piccies when you’ve finished as I’d love to see what you do xx


  2. directlylaura says:

    Your garden is going to be beautiful please post some pictures when it’s done and keep us updated!
    I personally have no idea what I’ll be doing with my garden as I haven’t moved into the house yet, but I’ve wanted to start growing my own food for a long while so I think that’s the first project I’d start with mine. I’ve also wanted a flowery garden too but I’m terrified of bees and have 5 young kids that like to pick flowers from the heads or half way down the stem so I think that would be a disaster! 🙈


  3. thegrahamsmiths says:

    I don’t even have my own garden, which is why I kind of love your blog. I can live vicariously through your garden haha!
    Once I buy a place, I definitely want to have a deck – perfect for bbq’s, or a chimena and just sitting out with your family, I’d also like to grow something, but I live in the UK… and the weather is AWFUL so fruit and veg is very difficult to grow here.
    Ysabelle x

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  4. meemfay says:

    Reading your post made me realise how different life is for people living in places that witness four seasons. Where I live it’s summer all year year round we only get a week worth of winter which is just cool breezes. I have always fancied living in a cold place, but now I realise it must be a lot of work adjusting the house according to every season. Love the post though ❤️

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  5. Sophie Buchan says:

    I love planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s this time of year that’s my favourite. Our garden is currently a mess but soon being done up. But these things take time. Hopefully the weather is good here so we can have a BBQ and refreshing drinks

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