A Letter To My Niece About the First “Best Day” of Her Life

Georgia Alice,

Today is the day! You are about to become a big sister! I want to tell you a story about the first best day of my life and give you a few tips as this momentous day unfolds for you!  Over the course of your life you are going to have several days that are turning points that can clearly be label a “best day” – your wedding day, the birth of your children, baptisms and TODAY…without a doubt the day that God has chosen to give you a sister is going to be the first “best day” of your little life!


The day your momma was born was certifiably the first very best day of my life.  I gained so much more in the instant that she was born than my four year old self could have ever imagined.  I remember most of the events that lead up to your momma making her entrance into this world; my favorite movie the night before with Granny and our cousins, a walk around the garden with Granny – it would be my last as an only child and the excitement of seeing her for the first time through a tiny glass window in a hospital door.  I remember being upset that I couldn’t hold her immediately and that my dad hadn’t lifted me up high enough to get a really good look at her!

The day your momma was born was the day that I came to understand, without a doubt, that God answers prayers, even those of a little girl.  You see, when I was not much older than you I prayed for a sister; Granny thinks it was actually my grandmother and great-grandmother who talked me into it.  I suppose they were hedging their bets – “from the mouths of babes…”  Either way, He answered; He sent directly to me, not only a sister but a best friend.  I knew from that day forward that she was mine and I have never thought of her as anything else but an answered prayer – a gift from God!

It was also the day that I learned that I could love another person more than myself and care for them in that way.  I could not stand to see your momma upset or hurt.  Granny will tell you that it was difficult to punish her as a child, even when that punishment was earned for doing something rotten to me – it broke my heart for her to be in trouble – so I would try to reason with Granny as to why she didn’t deserve the particular punishment.  (This was a skill I developed way back in my childhood that proves to be valuable to me today!) I learned to be protective of her until she was old enough and tough enough to beat up her own big kid bullies on the bus!  I  learned to be encouraging to her as I wanted her to be happy, strong and loving towards others.  I wanted her to know without a doubt that I was and will always be in her corner, by her side and there for her in any and every way possible – I love her that much!


The day your momma was born, I learned how to have a best friend, a play-mate and secret keeper for life.  I understand that not everyone is blessed with a sibling but I am beyond thankful for mine.  I am so happy for you, Georgia Alice, that you are about to meet your best friend.  Take care of her.  Love her beyond words, even when you aren’t necessarily happy with her.  Let her vent to you when she needs to, you are the only person in life that she will be able to do this with and she will listen when you need an outlet as well. .  Tell her the things she needs to hear, even when she doesn’t want to hear it – but do so in a loving way.  Be honest with her – always.  Take her places with you, I know that she will always be tagging along; you will come to appreciate this and miss it when you become adults and she isn’t living in the room next door.  Never hesitate to drop everything and go to her if she needs you – she will do the same for you.  Share your toys with her, and later clothes, by doing this she will learn to be giving to others and she will always share with you – it will have been the only thing she has known.  Do not let people tell you that “sisters fight” and “resent each other”; of course you will have disagreements but she is a blessing to you and your life is better for having her in it – do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Also, your mother will not tolerate bickering with your sister so just accept it, figure out your differences, knowing that while you will not always see eye to eye, no other person on this Earth will support you like she will. Tell her you love her often! After all, she is a gift from God straight to you – your parents think that Graeson is theirs…really she is all yours!

I count myself as blessed to have the opportunity to be here with you as you awake this morning and start your day  – you don’t even know it yet, but God is blessing you today!  I watch as you have loved on Sam, your momma’s faithful old dog, and rocked and cared for your baby doll.  You are going to be an amazing big sister!


Auntie Jess loves you GA – I can’t wait to meet your sister but most importantly I can’t wait for you to meet her!



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