Weekend Adventure Awaits

“All practices and games are cancelled this weekend.”


These words strike excitement and a brief impression of FREEDOM deep down in the heart of almost every sports parent!  Not that we don’t love watching our little (or not so little) ones play the sport that they enjoy, but when you are constantly running here or there, juggling everyday life with practices, games and dirty uniforms, a little surprise like this is music to our ears!


When I read the post on the soccer complex’s web page Thursday afternoon I could hardly contain myself….”Let’s Go RIGHT NOW” was my initial thought….oh wait, Elle is still on a field trip and the kids have school tomorrow and oh yea…I have to work tomorrow!  Still, my mind is racing with all this freedom my family can experience this weekend.  Yes, it is supposed to rain ALL weekend, why do you think soccer is cancelled….its okay though, we have rain coats,  galoshes and a sense of adventure!!


The million dollar question…what type of adventure will be undertake!?!  I have written before about my love for the mini-vacation, so I am sure we can figure something out!

To be continued…


What type of mini-vacations/adventures do you enjoy?  What would you do with a weekend of freedom???


8 thoughts on “Weekend Adventure Awaits

  1. heartloveshome says:

    My older two girls (5 and 6) will be starting soccer next month for the summer. They are super excited. Whenever we have a free day or two, we’ll spend the time at home, amusement park, or even take a short trip out of town for a mini vacation.


  2. kidneyfornikki says:

    i am glad to see that it’s not just me that gets excited when weekend activities get cancelled! We haven’t don’e many travelling vacations during those occasions . I need to get to San Antonio — I have lived in Houston 15 years and have not been to San Antonio. That should be my first mini-vacay!

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  3. tuppennysfireplace says:

    I so remember these all too rare weekends! Even rarer because chance would have it that there was some familial meal or event that would take up part of the weekend stopping us from making it a weekend adventure away. Summer holidays were cool though, no dance or football activities.

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