A Simple Guide to Vintage Apparel for Everyday Women

20170920_1621561448742695.jpgI am a plain-Jane, regular, everyday working momma! There I said it! My wardrobe consists of work clothes, some jeans and cotton-blend shirts, and clothes I wear to the gym or on the occasional outdoor adventure.  Basically, its pretty bland; despite my best efforts at picking up sales  from The Loft or at a big-box store, there just aren’t that many exciting pieces in my closet.  And why should I need more…its not like I go that many places: work, ballgames and various weekend outings with my kids, that’s about all I have time for these days!   I settle for clothing that I just wear, not clothing that makes me feel good! But deep down I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking fabulous and I care tremendously about the environment and the hands making the clothing I wear, as well as the amount of dough that I spend on my wardrobe. Let’s face it, we can’t afford high fashion AND basketball camps, private school, vacations, groceries and our mortgage!!  I imagine many of you feel the same!

I know you have heard the terms “vintage” or “sustainable” or even “thrifted” and think….”why would I need some over-priced OLD or out of date clothing.  Further, where is in the heck would I wear that funky mess!?! Its not like I am going to a music festival or a night out on the town!  What would the other soccer-moms think if I showed up in that get-up.”  The TRUTH is that most regular, everyday women; I am talking to my middle-aged mommas here, not the teeny-boppers in a training bras – although they can learn to LOVE vintage clothing too – it will be so much cheaper on your wallet momma! I  digress – the TRUTH is that most regular, everyday women can LOVE vintage apparel for sooooo many reasons!

1. Its cheaper,

2. Its cheaper,

3. It is already proven to be of higher quality than ANYTHING you can purchase at a big box store or on a crappy online site,

4.  It keeps clothing out of landfills and is better for the environment,

5. Its a unique piece that can bring back nostalgia or that you can feel fabulous while wearing – 100% guilt-free!! (We know that the momma guilt struggle is REAL) and finally, my favorite reason to consider vintage is that

6. Its REAL – it has a story, it was loved enough to survive decades in someone’s attic or closet and I feel like wearing it allows someone’s legacy to live on! (Deep – I know, I can’t help it).

So, why don’t more women like me wear vintage clothing and accessories!?!  The answer is simple – THEY JUST DON’T KNOW HOW!  That’s right, my guess is that most women like me would love to add a few vintage pieces to their wardrobe, but just need a little guidance on HOW to wear it, WHERE to wear vintage and the best way to PURCHASE!

I give you my guide to wearing vintage for Everyday Women:


This one is easy …think grandma’s pearls or your great-aunt’s earrings.  Family heirlooms count too! And what a better way to honor a family member than by showing off a piece that belonged to them and maybe they even loved to wear for a period of time. This can go so much further though…I have a red belt from the 1980s that I can remember my momma wearing to work, it is the perfect accent to so many of the outfits!  Modern costume jewelry is expensive and mostly a remake of vintage jewelry anyway….just wear the real thing girlfriend!  And lets not forget about vintage handbags!  This is my personal favorite!  It is easier than one would think to find amazingly unique vintage handbags in perfect condition for dirt cheap!  One can even find designer bags relatively easily!  I once found a vintage Coach crossbody for $10 hanging on a sidewalk rack in Bramwell, WV (Google it…its a teeny tiny town)!  Jackpot! Let’s face it, we can all stand to be a little more daring with our accessories and purses, you know you want to!


So you aren’t ready to go full on 1970s one-piece track suit…that’s completely normal.  The fun part about vintage is that there are NO RULES!  You can pair your favorite jeans with a 1980s top or better yet, figure-flattering, high-waisted jeans with that LOFT top that you found on sale last week!  Our momma’s knew a thing or two about clothing that looked better on women’s bodies!  Low-rise jeans were not designed to look good on those of us who carry any extra weight in our mid-section



Vintage patterns are the best!  I know what you are thinking…”I do not need to be wearing a yellow and brown 1970s mess!”  But that is often not near the case at all, unless you are into those hideous patterns and then I’ll leave all of those for you my friend!

The whole point of this little blog post is to inspire you to LOVE what you are wearing and have some fun figuring it out!


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