Prayer – A writing prompt based on a poem by Mary Oliver. Day 1 of the 5 Day Mindfulness Writing Challenge.

Prayer – the doorway to communication with our Savior, the doorway to thanks, gratitude and acknowledgement of blessings.

Our prayers do not need to be fancy or elaborate as a field of blue iris but as weeds in a vacant lot. God sees our prayers as beautiful weeds – wildflowers blowing in the wind and making beautiful our surroundings.

We pray so that God may communicate with us, opening the doorway to hear His voice. Pay attention, in these moments of meditation and reflection of His wonders. He speaks to us in these still moments when we are vulnerable and open like the wildflowers.

Through prayer we open ourselves up to God and can use our prayers to God as a doorway to peace in our day as well. Living in the image that Gods intends for us.

Thank you God for this time of reflection and prayer. Help me to live the rest of my day with this feeling.

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Join me in this writing challenge! Nadia Colburn guides you through a brief meditation followed by writing prompts! I am so excited for this week! Join us here for the Five-Day Mindful Writing Challenge


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