I Speak For…

I speak for the hopeless, the confused, the addicted, the mentally ill and those viewed as the underneath of society.

I used to do this better than I do now. Now there is no contact or reassuring families only black and white lines and hopes for the future. A reasonable punishment. I no longer am able to assist in moving on with ones life and battling addiction, only taking them off the streets that have gotten them to that addiction. I no longer console loved ones and have tough conversations about this life they are living. I am distanced…

God, show me how to speak for those that tug on the strings of my heart. I was once on fire for them now I only smolder, burning out slowly. No purpose it appears at times. Show me, God, use me God. Help to open my eyes to a new way of doing this.

Help me to remember…

Which part of my nature drives me? Ask me who I speak for…

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

This short writing is based upon a writing prompt and poem by Camille Dungy entitled Characteristics of Life and is part of the 5 Day Mindful Writing Challenge by Nadia Colburn. You can join the 5 Day Mindful Writing challenge here!


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