My resume these days reads as if I may be suffering from multiple personalities and most definitely insomnia. That resume starts out perfectly “normal”, if that is even a word in our society anymore, and then becomes a little bizarre in the last 5 years.

You see I am an attorney by education and profession for going on 9 years.  A criminal defense attorney to be exact. I used to hesitate revealing that fact because early on in my career I was unprepared to answer questions from family and complete strangers about why I would want to represent “those” people who commit crimes!? Now though, I state proudly what I do with such fervor and gusto that when I receive those short-sighted remarks I simply reply….I love working with “real” people. Often my clients are guilty of what they are charged. And as it would be for you or I, it may be the worst day of their lives as they stand before a judge or a jury of their peers and receive punishment; regardless of their addiction or mistake. So, I stand there beside them, ensuring the state has done its job so that our system is working properly, arguing for a just punishment, making sure my client understands what is happening, and often most importantly, showing compassion to this “real” person who has children and a momma he or she will be away from for a period of time.

This is a job I’ve come to love most days. It has its ups and downs…I wouldn’t argue if it paid better or if the case law went in my favor a little more often…but all in all I’ll take it.  I own my own practice and make my own schedule so most of the time when one of our three highly active children has an after-school event or activity, I’m right there for drop off and pick up, or to cheer them on, or even to be sitting on the bench coaching!

In fact, that begins my second career. I am blessed to work everyday with middle and high school students as a girls’ basketball coach!! Life really comes in perspective when you spend all day in a courtroom and all evening in the gym! It’s a full circle experience for me really, I played in high school and college and just the sound of the ball bouncing or sneakers squeaking on the floor put everything right in my world, I loved the game that much. I now have the opportunity to share that love with my own daughter and many other girls and young women.

Coaching at any level is incredibly time consuming. Further, it requires patience, humbleness and faith…just to survive! I would never survive a season as a basketball coach without my team backing and supporting me. I’m not talking about the players or assistant coach, although they deserve their own post too, I’m referring to my “partner in everything you could imagine” and best friend, my sweet, kind, understanding and INCREDIBLY patient husband. As well as our three amazing children.  You see we are not one of those families that has mom’s things or dad’s things or kid’s things that we each do independently. Nope, we are Team Gunter and we tackle every aspect of life together. During basketball season my husband becomes Chief Game Film Recorder and Hudl operator (Hudl is a website we use to post game film for future use, exchange, and to keep stats for recruiting college coaches to view) as well as Hayden Wrangler. Three or four nights a week spent in the bleachers watching girls’ basketball is a task for a little boy. Our oldest daughter, who until this year did not even attend the school at which I coach, changed her wardrobe to maroon and gold and was in charge of warm-up music, even when we played her former school. Our middle daughter served as Team Manager, Mommy Adviser and Stat Keeper. During my first year coaching, as our team warmed up for what would be our last game, a regional berth against the defending state champions, Elle continually ensured me that our team was “ready” and she was sure the other team looked nervous and was missing way too many shots!! (This was one occasion in which it was ok to lie to Mommy!)

Now that basketball season has come to a close in a manner of speaking, open gyms, camps and travel tournaments are year round, our team can focus on relaxing, taking time off and leisurely spending our weekends in the backyard…right?  Well something like that anyway! 

I tell you all of this to say that life, regardless of what you are doing with it, is about faith and balance!  My favorite scripture is and has always been Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  So, did I ask God for the responsibilities of motherhood, career, business owner and mentor and coach, all at the same time….well maybe not in so many words, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it for all the riches in the world!!  These are the many paths the Lord has lead me down and I’m gonna skip, sing, cook and dribble my way down each of them being ever thankful for these blessings!  I will say though that while Philippians 4:13 is still my favorite verse I am often reminded that “The Lord will not give me more than I am able to bear!”

I look forward to sharing with our followers and readers the many adventures and insights of Team Gunter.  I hope you enjoy and share some of your “adventures” too!