Hayden’s World

Meet Hayden….he is a 6 year old bundle of pure energy with a quirky sense of humor an20161223_125450d zest for life that is the driving force behind our family and also the main reason we can’t get to bed soon enough at night and occasionally need a glass of wine before doing so!  He has both of his older sisters completely wrapped around his dirty little fingers. Elle, our middle child, commonly swoops in to save him when he has pushed Momma and Daddy to our limits and a timeout is impending, although she also enjoys pushing his buttons more than her sister.  Hayden is loud and sometimes bossy (third child syndrome) and requires twice as much work as our girls; but he is also kind-hearted, loving and inquisitive about the world around him.  Experiencing life through his eyes has been a true joy!  Please join us as we chronicle his stories, adventures, and general life with Hayden as we know it!


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