Personal Organization Binder


I LOVE to feel organized!!!  A simple statement I know but when you are juggling a full-time job, business ownership, family, home, coaching and trying to maintain some semblance of personal time, aka this blog, “organized” can seem like an unattainable status.

I have posted before about my love for to do lists ( you can check that out at Surrendering to the Insanity – A To Do List Confession) and their importance in my life but even my cherished lists can get a bit messy and hard to maintain when I have 3 separate notepads going and one gets stuck in my basketball bag, one gets used for homework at the house and I confuse one with my notepad in Court and lose track of the page the all-important To Do List was located on!  I find myself constantly re-copying these lists and spend more time getting organized than actually accomplishing anything on the list!

I may have found a solution though…I hope!  While nursery shopping with my sister at Michael’s last weekend I stumbled across a cute little organizer binder with accompanying notebooks!  Genius!!


The binder gives me the ability to divide my To Do Lists by category in different notebooks that are kept together, in one place, and virtually impossible for me to misplace!! And, how cute and stylish it this!?! (Also, the floral design helps soothe my desperate need for all things spring, even though its STILL below freezing here!)


I have a notebook for menu planning.  The pre-printed pages give me the ability to plan weekly meals and write the groceries needed for each meal on the back.  I simply take the book into the grocery store and shop right from the list on my menu!


The second notebook is entitled Thoughts which I use for notes, prayer requests and inspirational thoughts!  This is super helpful for all catch-all information that would otherwise be lost in the sea of my purse!


I also included a notebook that doesn’t have holes punched but fits nicely into the binder which I use for blog ideas and “Things I want John to Make for Me.”  Yep, I have a Pinterest board with that same title….not sure he is a fan though!

Now, to the real meat of my new organizing friend…the To Do Lists!!

The first is simply entitled To Do, I use this one for all things that need done for our family, house or personal stuff.  I include appointments that I need to schedule or housework that is nagging at me.  The pages are conveniently labeled with headings to help me direct me where things need to be listed:  Errands, Housekeeping, Emails, Phone Calls, To Buy (which I changed to To Do), Appointments & Activities, Business and Misc.    Very cool huh! Half the work is already completed for me.  It is convenient to carry over tasks from one week to the next without losing track of the list!



The second To Do List notebook is entitled Projects which to me really means WORK!  I list all of my weekly work tasks in this notebook, specifically office work and things I need complete other than appointments and court dates.  The pages are divided weekly by day with 5 blanks for daily projects or to dos.


Finally, there is a good ol’ fashioned To Do List in the back.  I use this one for basketball and urgent matters!


The binder is a bit bulky to carry around, and I am still fine-tuning the process but it would be difficult to misplace and the feeling of having everything I need to do or think about at my finger-tips is amazing!

What types of organizational tools are you using to curb the crazy??

Happy Organizing my friends!


The One Hour Laundry Blitz!

20180120_213908698876566.jpgCommence the laundry blitz!  Its Friday morning, the kids are FINALLY back in school.  Husband has a meeting and is out of the house.  He graciously folded a mountain of laundry which now inhabits the dining room table and will surely increase the amount of clothes hidden in our bedrooms that already needs put away!  I am so desperate not to have to deal with this mess any longer that I rescheduled an appointment in my office to eek out a precious hour to run around my house like crazy destroying laundry piles in my path! I have exactly one hour…On my mark, get set, GO!


Seems absurd to “schedule” time for simple chores like putting away laundry; but for a working momma of 3 who also coaches a high school basketball team, attends everyone’s extracurricular endeavors and wants to enjoy any “free” time not spent in the bleachers with her husband and kids…it is a necessary evil!  I’ve found that “scheduling” time for specific chores in my home or office serves me better than opting to “get to it when I have time.”  In that event laundry piles up, the house looks like an episode of Hoarders and I can’t remember when I last swept or mopped the floors!

On the flip side of this, please know that I have pinned and attempted the “weekly cleaning chart” genre and find that it does not, in any way, work for my family.  I do not always have time to scrub the toilet, nor would I want to, on Friday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  So, we all have to figure out for ourselves what works for our family calendars.  As for mine, we have a full morning of recreational basketball and team pictures with Hayden, to be followed by a quick shoot around with my team and then 4 more basketball games before we make it back home…No time for laundry today but, this laundry basket and I have scheduled another date tonight!!


Happy Folding!!

I Can’t Stand This Mess Anymore…Cleaning Out and Finding Some Peace in the Process 

 Our home has been feeling a little heavy.  I know, it’s a house, it holds the material collections of our lives as well as protects us and provides a location for family and friends to gather; but I can’t help but feel that it has become a black hole,  every nook and cranny is stuffed with junk and I am way beyond organizing that mess so it’s time to unload! 

Project  1: Mommas Closet 

 I hate getting rid of clothes! What if I gain weight…better not throw out my fat pants! And the skinny pants need to stay as motivation right??? Nope, not this time,  if it doesn’t fit correctly it doesn’t stay!

I’ve enlisted the assistance of my 12 year old daughter to help me battle the urge to keep clothes I haven’t worn in ages and will not be donning anytime soon! There is no other type of honesty as that of a budding teenage girl when the topic is old clothes.  

We began by dividing clothes into four piles: Keep, Donate, Mend and Sell. (The thought of earning a little circus money for selling some of my designer or un-worn clothing provides motivation I must admit!) There are a ton of websites out there now dedicated to selling your stuff…take advantage of them! Also,  a little advice with the donate pile,  get it out of the house asap or it will end up back in your closet!

I followed the same process with my shoes and handbags as well as chest of drawers and various baskets and containers that hold the multitude of clothes in our room.  I have realized that I own WAY more clothes than I could ever dream of wearing! I should never complain that I have nothing to wear!!

Be patient with the mess.  I have been saying since New Years that I was going to clean out the closet but kept putting it off until I could do it all in one day… never gonna happen! So I finally jumped in one evening after work,  accomplished about half and had to step over the piles of clothes in my room for a few days until I had time to finish.  But, its oh so worth it! I think I actually like my clothes better now!

Our next endeavor…The Dog House!