I Can’t Stand This Mess Anymore…Cleaning Out and Finding Some Peace in the ProcessĀ 

 Our home has been feeling a little heavy.  I know, it’s a house, it holds the material collections of our lives as well as protects us and provides a location for family and friends to gather; but I can’t help but feel that it has become a black hole,  every nook and cranny is stuffed with junk and I am way beyond organizing that mess so it’s time to unload! 

Project  1: Mommas Closet 

 I hate getting rid of clothes! What if I gain weight…better not throw out my fat pants! And the skinny pants need to stay as motivation right??? Nope, not this time,  if it doesn’t fit correctly it doesn’t stay!

I’ve enlisted the assistance of my 12 year old daughter to help me battle the urge to keep clothes I haven’t worn in ages and will not be donning anytime soon! There is no other type of honesty as that of a budding teenage girl when the topic is old clothes.  

We began by dividing clothes into four piles: Keep, Donate, Mend and Sell. (The thought of earning a little circus money for selling some of my designer or un-worn clothing provides motivation I must admit!) There are a ton of websites out there now dedicated to selling your stuff…take advantage of them! Also,  a little advice with the donate pile,  get it out of the house asap or it will end up back in your closet!

I followed the same process with my shoes and handbags as well as chest of drawers and various baskets and containers that hold the multitude of clothes in our room.  I have realized that I own WAY more clothes than I could ever dream of wearing! I should never complain that I have nothing to wear!!

Be patient with the mess.  I have been saying since New Years that I was going to clean out the closet but kept putting it off until I could do it all in one day… never gonna happen! So I finally jumped in one evening after work,  accomplished about half and had to step over the piles of clothes in my room for a few days until I had time to finish.  But, its oh so worth it! I think I actually like my clothes better now!

Our next endeavor…The Dog House!