Its Project Time Baby!

Basketball season has come to an end and our family has taken a few days to re-cooperate and now its project time baby! My version of Spring Fever, much to my poor husband’s dismay!

The first project on the list …the Great Bedroom Switch Up! We have been talking about this one since Christmas and trying to prepare ourselves physically and mentally! Our teenage daughters need more space in our tiny house…the only option …giving them the upstairs master attic bedroom! I’ll be posting later this week about the process but I can’t wait for our oldest daughter to see it! She is gonna be over the moon! Ahhh closet space!

We have a few other projects coming up this spring, including some furniture redos (John is better at this than he gives himself credit for!) And even a little barbecuing – we sold the pit smoker a year or so ago but we still have some tips and tricks up our sleeves for a little wedding catering!

Join is in this next chapter of our year as Team Gunter transitions from the basketball court back to our backyard and beyond!!


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