The Resolutions

Welcome to 2018 and all the wonderful possibilities it has to offer!  In the spirit of celebrating the New Year and in paying tribute to my love for lists; and partially because I believe when you write things down and have to re-read them you are more likely to actually DO said tasks, I am listing my 2018 New Years Resolutions on this, my first blog post of 2018!

1.  Be a Better Christian

I get that this one sounds a little cliche but truthfully its the most important for so many reasons.  First, for my salvation and the positive influence God charges me to provide for my children.  Second, because life is just sooooo much easier and better with God!  And finally, because I truly want our Heavenly Father’s light and glory to shine through me in every aspect of my life –  family life, career, in my community and with my basketball team.  I have realized that as much as I pray about making an impact in all of these realms, this will only happen when I am where God wants me in my own personal relationship with Him.  Afterall, the Lord tells us in the Bible  to “open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalms 81:10).  This resolution is about saying AHHHHHH!!

2.  Get Up Earlier

While this resolution is not nearly as dignified, it is equally important.  I loathe getting up early.  As my body gets older it is not happy with this momma being up before 6:30 a.m. but I am striving to get my booty out of the bed and get my day started.  Starting the day earlier gives me time to start some laundry I will be too busy to touch later or pick up Hayden’s toys from the living room floor before everyone else is up and stepping over them.  Waking up just an hour earlier gives me the opportunity to organize my work day and do any last minute preparation, work on this blog without interruptions (more about that later) or read my Bible (see above)!  So as crappy as I may feel when that alarm sounds, I vow not to hit the snooze!  Research indicates that hitting the snooze button  can actually re-start your sleep cycle, making one feel groggy longer and taking hours  to function properly (National Sleep Foundation, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 87, 579-598).

3.  Use My Time Wisely

Seems like a no-brainer, right?  Wrong! I often find myself with so much to do in a day/week/month that I spend all my time thinking about it and never getting anything actually accomplished, despite my best list-making efforts!  In an article published in Entrepreneur Magazine, author James Clear provides insight on What Successful People Do Before Breakfast and includes tips like planning ahead the night before and scheduling your most important to-do list items first thing in the morning when we are most focused and less distracted.  Another helpful tip is to manage my energy and focus by scheduling certain tasks for a specific time during the day.  Experts suggest avoiding busy-work until later in the day and scheduling tasks that require  energy and creativity earlier.  So far today. I’m on track!

4.  Make Things – And Involve My Family

My husband, John, and I often discuss that although we love our chosen careers and utilize said careers in providing for our family, we always feel more fulfilled when we are “working with our own two hands” so to speak!  In the past this phrase meant we started and grew a successful barbecue catering business or mobile pressure washing business that we utilized to afford our wedding and honeymoon.  Most recently its been John’s woodworking with up-cycled bourbon and wine barrels. (Check our his Etsy page – Backyard Spirits Wood Products)!  But since I’m not making barbecue sauce anymore (we closed our catering business last year) I am feeling a little left out in the crafty category!  Further, its important for our kids to understand the value in being able to make something that gives you a sense of pride or value.  There is also the added bonus that its time well spent with my girls who I have come to realize will only be residents in my home for an increasingly short period of time, and I need to make the most out of it!

5.  Turn Our Tiny House Into A Space I Love Again

This one may take awhile. However, I have come to the realization that as much as I long for a little farm on the outskirts or town, with all the free-time and resources in the world to start over and decorate as I wish without all of our “stuff” and baggage in the way – that is just not reality my friends!  Fact, our little house only has two real bedrooms.  Fact, one of those rooms is smaller than my college dorm room and has an even smaller closet.  Fact, Hayden took over the family room as a bedroom long ago and I do not foresee that space being usable as a family room again for another 15 years or so! Fact, our oldest is about to start college and NO ONE around here is purchasing a new (bigger) home any time soon!  So what do I do about all this…GET OVER IT!  And start loving the space we have.  Its time to stop fussing about how tiny this space is and just live in it to the fullest!  I am sure that when the kids are all gone and John and I are looking at each other across our re-claimed family room it will seem quite large – and empty!

6.  Blog More

I began this blog last spring as an outlet of sorts; unsure of what I was doing and basically treating it as a journal.  I did a pretty good job of posting initially and then summer time got into full swing and I didn’t post at all from Memorial Day to Labor Day!  I thought about posts and what I wanted to say but didn’t take the time to actually sit down and write.  So, for the New Year I resolve to blog at least once per week and to learn more about blogging and managing my website (I am so lost when it comes to almost all things computer related).  Hopefully, all aforementioned resolutions will help in this effort to focus more intentionally on my blog and my life as a whole!

All this being said, the word for the New Year seems to be INTENTIONAL.  I do not want to sail through life being effective when I can and otherwise thumping my head against a wall while chasing my proverbial tail in circles…I want to be intentional in my relationship with God, my family, career, community and team.  I want to be more intentional and involved in the things that bring joy to my life and fully experience them without distractions, being ever thankful for those joys and the people who herald them!  Happy New Year!



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