My One Year Blogiversary!

pexels-photo-597331.jpegThis week officially marked my One Year Blogiversary!  While I still have a long way to go, I have learned so much in the last year!  When I began this process the learning curve was enormous for me; technologically speaking, I could basically only check my own email, much less understand plug-ins or themes! But I did a ton of reading and asked a bunch of questions of fellow bloggers who have helped me to understand this process.  Aren’t blogging communities wonderful?!?

I am currently working on posting more often and doing a better job of planning posts. My top goal for this year was to become more consistent with my blog!  I purchased a blog planner from Jennifer Carroll at and it has been super helpful in keeping me on track! Not to mention that it is easy to use and beautiful! I am also working to connect with other bloggers and hope to take some online courses this spring!  Otherwise, this year my continued goals for this blog are to continue to help it grow and have a greater reach in the blogging and social media communities!  And of course to learn more about tools to make this blog more compatible.


Thank you to all those who have supported me by reading along, following, sharing, and liking posts.  Beginning this journey was a bit of a leap of faith and frankly a little terrifying, making the out-pouring of support I have received  a true blessing!

A final thought:  You can’t always wait on the perfect time to chase your dreams, sometimes you must dare to jump! 



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